Led by Dr. Peter Kim & Dr. Pranay Parikh of Passive Income M.D.

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Spring 2024

Ready to Achieve

Financial Freedom Through Real Estate?

Then you're in right place!

Everyone knows that investing in real estate can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to take years to learn.

Passive Real Estate Academy (PREA) is your opportunity to join a community of like-minded investors who will show you how to leverage other people’s time, capital, and experience to create your ideal life.

Inside this supportive community and online course, you’ll get:


A step-by-step
4-week course designed to
take you from knowing ZERO… to investing with confidence

Q&As with industry experts who will give you the inside scoop on market trends and financial strategies

Be part of a community that shares and vets deals together

Find more freedom for yourself

With Multiple Streams of Income

Create multiple streams of income to avoid the common pressures and burnout of “doctor life.”

Position yourself to collect cash flow… and allow yourself to practice medicine on your own terms.

Whether you’re just getting started… or you’re on the hunt for your next investment deal…

There’s no better way to start investing more confidently in passive real estate.

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PREA Fall 2023 Doors Close In…


You might wonder...

Why Invest in Passive Real Estate as a Physician?

Discover why creating multiple streams of tax-friendly income & protecting assets is a MUST for doctors in 2023 & beyond:

Something has to change…

Can you succeed quickly?

Most People Believe Real Estate Education & Investing is Hard...

And who could blame them? Without a roadmap, here’s what the typical process looks like:

What is investing in real estate usually like?

“I spent 1-2 hours every night for months and still never felt comfortable with the process. Searched online, read confusing books. I just never got the confidence to invest.” – Dr. Jaffe

“I just followed what my colleagues did and crossed my fingers.” – Dr. Nguyen

Sound familiar?

So, What if There Was a Better Way?

Imagine if you could...

…Well, this is exactly what Passive Real Estate Academy is all about.

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Active vs. Passive Real Estate Investing



Active Real Estate Investing

Passive Real Estate Investing

TOP 3 Things You’ll Get from PREA

Here’s What You’ll Get Inside Passive Real Estate Academy

Join a Community of Doctors Who Support Each Other on the Journey to Creating Passive Income.
How to Avoid Making A Mistake:
Real estate is arguably the most lucrative & leveraged way to build generational wealth. But to be successful, you need to know which teams are trustworthy... how to do proper due diligence... and, most importantly, the red flags to watch out for.
Access to Exclusive, Pre-Vetted Deals & Experts:
It can be a challenge to find a real estate investment deal… and it's even harder to find one worth investing in. Be first in line to get access to the best deals from our extensive sponsor network.
A Supportive Community of Like-Minded Investors
You will join a group of physicians who help each other achieve more.
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Knowledge from Years of Trial & Error Delivered to You in 4 Short Weeks

You’ll be able to answer questions like…

No matter what questions you have…

The single most important factor to success in real estate

no matter how it sounds — is to believe you can do it!

In the same way that you got used to calling yourself a doctor after medical school…

You’ll also feel confident calling yourself an investor after making your way through this unique online course.

Here's Your 4-Week Roadmap

Get instant access to a proven roadmap & a library of video lessons.

Module 1: Intro to Real Estate, Your Why, The Roadmap

Module 2: Getting To Know The Sponsor

Module 3: All About The Money

Module 4: Understanding The Market And The Property

Live Interviews and Personal Q&As
With Industry Experts...

Live Interviews and Personal Q&As With Industry Experts...

Covering Important Topics Like:

Covering Important Topics Like:
And Much More…

Get Lifetime Access to the

Get Lifetime Access to the ​ Online Course Portal & Private Facebook Groups

Once you enroll… you’ll immediately get resources to help you on your real estate journey.

As PREA alumni, you’ll have access to the course, the Platinum Investors Club, and any future live classes & updates… for LIFE.

Dive in head first… or take it at your own pace… the choice is yours!

Real Estate Investing is Better With The Support of a Community...

Connect with like-minded physicians

Join Your Class of Fall 2023 in the Private Facebook Group

Step inside your dedicated Facebook group to connect with other doctors, ask questions, and share ideas + resources while taking the 4-week course.

Attend Live Events and Meetups

Connect with your new friends, live and in-person, all around the country!

Network in the Platinum Investor Club Facebook Group

You’ll also get to join the entire PREA alumni in the PIMD Investor Club (over a 1,000 members!)
Inside, you’ll get access to continued learning AND the chance to view new trusted, vetted cash-flowing opportunities.

Meet the Creators

of the Passive Real Estate Academy
“Doctors deserve to work & live on their own terms.”


Physician, Investor, Entrepreneur

As soon as Peter realized that medicine wasn’t as secure as he thought it would be, he started exploring income opportunities outside of clinical medicine.

It was at this time that the idea for Passive Income MD was born. What started as a small blog to document his personal journey of financial freedom soon turned into a huge movement of physicians from all across the country.

After receiving questions about how to do due diligence in real estate… he was fed up with the lack of good resources available for people…

Using his experience as a limited partner in thousands of apartment units across the country… he started Passive Real Estate Academy to give docs everything they need to get started in investing.

Peter’s work inspires & empowers physicians to get off the hamster wheel into a life of more freedom & contribution.

Dr. Kim is an anesthesiologist based in Los Angeles, California. He has two kids & two dogs with his wife, Vicki (who is also a doctor!).


Director of Education, Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur

Pranay is known nationally among physicians as an expert in entrepreneurship & real estate.

With Passive Real Estate Academy, he works to provide students with the tools & support they need to go from “zero to confident” so that they can rest their heads at night knowing they’ve done everything they could to vet a deal properly.

Dr. Parikh lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife and son, and he currently serves as the Director of Education for a group of hospitalists & intensivists.

The Total Value of...

Passive Real Estate Academy

Get instant access to a proven roadmap & a library of video lessons.

The total value of all these resources combined is hard to put a number on…

Because imagine you took all of the resources offered inside…and used them to build a 5, 6, or even 7 figure income stream…

And what if this helps you avoid a 5 or 6 figure mistake?

How much would that be worth to you?

So, How Much is the Investment?

With Passive Real Estate Academy, we wanted to deliver a world-class
educational community that’s accessible to doctors at any stage of their real estate journey.

So, Imagine Two Paths in Front of You…

Path #1: Try to figure out everything on your own.

This is possible – but it will take time, energy, and the willingness to expose yourself to greater risk.

In other words, you can get in a car and start driving without a map… but is that the easiest way to get where you want to go?

Or Path #2: Consult With Experts Who’ve Been Where You Want To Go.

When you enroll, shave off months or years in the pursuit of results — not to mention the pain of a bad deal that could have been avoided.

Accelerate your real estate journey and achieve more in less time.

To get access to a roadmap of proven strategies, a doctor-focused investing community, & exclusive, pre-vetted deal opportunities…

Invest in Yourself Now

To Live Life on Your Own Terms

When tens of thousands – or even hundreds of thousands – of dollars are on the line, you’ll be happy that you gave yourself the peace of mind with this investment in your education & network.

Your investment also comes with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee — You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain:

PREA Fall 2023 Doors Close In…


Are you ready to join the thousands of others who have taken control of their futures by Investing in themselves

And Taking Action?

With brand-new course material & a built-in network of professionals, the decision to enroll has never been this easy…

So, if you’re ready to join a community of like-minded physicians who can help you:

Then there is only one thing left to do…

Join hundreds of doctors now — Click the button below & find out how to get started today:

Passive Real Estate Academy

Money Back Guarantee

Passive Real Estate Academy is the most high-yield, digital course for busy professionals who want to learn how to invest in passive real estate without searching for months online for the answer.

By the end of 30 days, you’ll have received access to the entire course. This means that you’ll already have gotten the basics of what it means to invest in passive real estate as well as learn how to vet the most important people in the process, the Sponsors.

If you don’t feel totally confident that you’ll be able to tackle future deals with more confidence through what you’ve learned, simply reach out to us within 30 days of launch and we’ll refund your investment completely.

Will this be the moment that you decide to take action toward the life that you & your family desire?

Only You Can Make That Decision...

We’ll see you on the inside!

To Your Success,
Dr. Peter Kim + Dr. Pranay Parikh
Passive Real Estate Academy

Will this be the moment that you decide to take action toward the life that you & your family desire?

Only you can make that decision…

We’ll see you on the inside!

To Your Success,
Dr. Peter Kim + Dr. Pranay Parikh
Passive Real Estate Academy

Don't take it from us...

See what others are saying about PREA

Confidently Invest in Real Estate
Without Becoming a Landlord

Join hundreds of like-minded physicians today

Got Questions?

We've Got Answers

The course starts on October 11, 2023 and runs for 4 weeks.

We created this high-yield course for busy professionals to digest at their own convenience. You can listen to parts of it in the car or when you have a moment between patients. Either way you have access to it for life so you can do it at your own pace.

The reality is, no one can predict when a downturn will happen. That’s why it’s good to learn from people who have been in both the ups & the downs of the market and find out how they are preparing. The greatest transfers of wealth happen during downturns, so it’s good to arm yourself with the knowledge you need to make a good move.

If $ is the difference between you eating or being able to pay rent, I would advise you NOT to buy this course. Use that money for your daily expenses. The person who should buy the course is the person who understands the value of investing in their own education but is not putting themselves into financial hardship.

Personally, I believe that the course has a lifetime value of over 10x the price, but there’s no way I’m setting the price there.

That depends on how you value your time & whether you take action with the knowledge gained from the course.

“I spent months and months looking for this info and never found it, I found it in one course and it saved me so much time.” Dr. Doug Jaffe

Right away I was able to look at a deal and realize it wasn’t a good one.” Dr. Alvin Dandan. How much would you pay to save months of time of aimless searching? How much would you pay to avoid one bad $50,000 deal?

No problem. You have a full 30 days to try it out. If for any reason you don’t like it, you’ll be refunded the money in full. That means you will get to check out the entire course to decide if it is for you.

Absolutely, in fact, it was created with you in mind. We’re starting from the beginning—however, we will be moving you along at a good pace, so even if you have some starting knowledge, you’ll start getting value of the course early on.
This course & plenty of real estate investing opportunities do NOT require you to be an accredited investor.

No, while we focus on physicians, it is relevant for all high-income professionals and their partners. We’ve had plenty of non-physicians take advantage of the strategies in this course.

Yes. We discuss strategies that doctors – and other high-income pros – can take advantage of in the course. *Not financial or tax advice.*

Not for the Fall 2023 class. Since we spend so much time and effort making sure everyone gets as much value as possible from the course, we only open enrollment 2 times a year. If you don’t enroll now, you’ll have to wait 6 months+ before the opportunity comes around again.

Confidently Invest in Real Estate Without Becoming a Landlord

Here’s what you get when you enroll today:

  • Passive Real Estate Academy (4 Weeks of Modules)
  • A Private PREA Facebook Group with like-minded investors (including Peter Kim & Pranay Parikh)
  • Lifetime access to the Platinum Investor Club
  • First access to exclusive, pre-vetted deals
  • Customized Vetting Worksheets
  • Return Calculator
  • Live Bonus Sessions with industry experts
  • Four Live 60-90 minute Q&A’s with the instructors
  • BONUS 1: PIMDCON 2021 virtual session recordings valued at $697
  • BONUS 2: PIMDCON 2022 virtual session recordings valued at $697
  • BONUS 3: Special Recording of Vetting a Deal with the founder of Passive Income MD and Passive Real Estate Academy… Peter Kim, MD valued at $297
  • Investment Resources & Terminology Guide
  • And much, much more!

Each Plan Is Backed By A Full 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee